Newsletter Production Day
Have you ever wondered what newsletter production would be like? Check it out.
This Jan-Feb-Mar newsletter was 16 pages long (8 sheets, back-to-back).
It took 29 seconds per copy, times 250 copies = 7,250 seconds or 2.0139 hours to photocopy.
Then you have to figure in time to add paper.
Oh, and THEN you have to figure in time to change the toner.
And THEN, when the installation of the toner doesn't work, you have to figure in time to CALL the Toshiba-tech.
Luckily Rev. Jeff attempted the old tried-and-true trick of turning it OFF/ON. It worked!
Back in business, the entire process took 3.5 hours. What happened to that 2.5 hour estimate ...
10 minutes later, I’m at Gimme! Coffee for a cup of Kenya Kiamaina.
Enchanting tropical fruit, mango flower, sweet harmony: just what I needed ...
Phyllis and Marc, you’re on. Thanks for folding, taping, addressing, and mailing.
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