Good Word Ministry

Trudy VanOstrand

The Good Word is a ministry of our church, which was started by Rev. Bill Gottshalk-Fielding during his time as our pastor (in the 90s).  

This is a recorded daily devotion; which people can hear by calling 607-387-8202. We are now listed in the phone directory under the United Methodist Church of Trumansburg.

About 7 volunteers record either a prayer or a devotion per week. Some record different messages every day or sometimes every other day, whatever they can fit in their schedule. This is a 24/7 daily ministry that is for everyone in our community and further.

The volunteers for the Good Word are: Mary Louise Gallagher, Carol Grove, Cheryl Hine, Connie Ike, Sylvia Mitchell, and Trudy VanOstrand. New volunteers are always needed. The more people that are willing to help with the Good Word, then the rotation for all of the volunteers is longer.

The purpose of the Good Word is to provide a “Spiritual Uplift” you might be stressed out, feeling a bit lonely, depressed or just want to start your day with a prayer/devotion.

Anyone interested in trying out the Good Word, listen to it for a couple of weeks, and if you are interested, contact Trudy VanOstrand at the email link above.